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#1 dilemma right now is: inventory

Schaumburg Homes for Sale

Crystal Lake Homes for Sale

Inventory still remains the number one dilemma for buyers looking right now. There is a lack of options which is leading some to continue to rent, stay put in their homes or compromise on what they are looking for.

The good news is that we are not far off from the spring market where inventory levels will climb but on the flip side, demand will likely continue to outweigh supply so we will likely see a pop in prices which will be sticker shock for buyers currently entering the market and for the ones that have been looking.

This is all good for sellers though and a welcomed situation given how stagnate the IL housing market had been pre-Covid.

The graphs will show the last 3 years for inventory in Schaumburg and Crystal Lake. Of course, we have data on all the towns so if you have one you’d like to see the data on, just let us know!

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